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**Thursday, October 21, 2010**

Hey everyone! I finally have some time on my hands where I can focus on updating the site. Thanks for your incredible patience! Keep checking in later this week, tons of cool stuff to be added.

Btw the collector map on the left has been changed (the company that made the last one disappeared apparently). This one doesn't require any input from the visitor.

**Sunday, October 11 2009**

The military Intel M8008 from the site's collection has been used in "Persistent Forecasting of Disruptive Technologies", a research book being published by the The National Academic Press.

**Monday, January 19 2009**

Really cool stuff added today: Raytheon Military laptop, codename "Gecko" appears to be an unreleased engineering sample. Also added a new, spotless Commodore 64, and an Apple Powerbook 150.

**Sunday, January 18 2009**

Put up some really old cool laptops! Compaq SLT 386s/20, Libretto 70CT, and a Zenith 386SX. Thanks!

**Saturday, January 17 2009**

Some cool stuff added today! I've been busy sorting out all the computers and stuff like that, so there will be more of that to come soon. There's a portable Dual Intel Pentium Pro computer! Also added some Raytheon, LSI, and NEC processors. Thanks!

**Thursday-Friday, January 15-16 2009**

Late update due to server upgrade! This is a test update. The site should be faster than before, please email me if there are any problems. Thanks!

Unreleased Cyrix MXi-233MHz engineering sample, Black 1MB Intel Pentium Pro engineering sample, and three other unreleased Pentium pro's, running at 133MHz. 

**Wednesday, January 14 2009**

 I put up a bunch of rare CPUs up today! Have a look on the right. I was searching my old stock and came across these babies. Enjoy!

**Tuesday, January 13 2009**

Added a few cool DEC Digital chips, an AMD P8088-1 board and an i960 fiber channel board. Don't worry if you see some changes within the next day or so intermittently, I'll be doing some major changes to ease access of all the information here. Thanks!

**Monday, January 12 2009**

Three DEC Digital boards and a MASSIVE HP CPU board added!

**Sunday, January 11 2009**

Today's update consists of all DEC Digital stuff. DEC Alpha CPUs on motherboards and other DEC processors as well

**Saturday, January 10 2009**

Almost missed tonight's update after seeing the movie "The Unborn", but I made it! Today's update includes a bunch of heavily plated gold boards and super old hard drives (probably older than dinosaurs). Thanks for looking!

**Friday, January 9 2009**

Added some cool memory boards, old an new. Sun Microsystems, DEC digital, and others. Thanks for looking!

**Thursday, January 8 2009**

Huge Update today! Both chips and boards, as well as a few prototypes put up..Intel, AMD, TI, IDT, HP, NEC etc etc. Have a look!

**Wednesday, January 7 2009**

Light update tonight, put some pretty rare chips up. I added an Intel C8008, eight Intel C1402A's (two have ground strap, one is the special edition marked 5), Motorola XC6800B engineering sample, and a standard Intel P4040. 

**Tuesday, January 6 2009**

Today's update consists of some incredible looking boards. Six Super boards have been added, Raytheon prototype board, as well as a 5-CPU HP server. The first HP A3639 board is covered in gold plating on almost 90% of the surface! The board on the bottom right appears to be an Eastern European calculator board.

Don't forget to add yourselves to the collector map! 

**Monday, January 5 2009**

  Added some more cool stuff today. Dual Intel I860 card, an AMD server board, hard drive on card(second row, second picture!) and two LSI logic super boards! Also the World Wide Collector map has been added. This is a beta! If you are a collector or enthusiast, please add yourself to the map. Click the image below or on the left. Thanks!

**Sunday, January 4 2009**

Added a DEC dual memory slot super board,  LSI logic multi processor board, dual CPU NEC board, and an Intel 386 motherboard with a ULSI DX co processor. Enjoy!

**Saturday, January 3 2009**

Four Super Boards added! Two of them are Motorola and the other two are Texas Instruments. Also added are two military Intel MC8087 chips.

**Friday, January 2 2009**

 Today's update includes a bunch of chips! A Digital DC334/DC335 dual chip processor, three military Intel 486 DX4's 100MHz MQ80486DX4100, two Intel Itanium 2 engineering samples, Raytheon 52088 prototype, two Intel C1702A chips, five different Intel 287XL processors, C8087, two C8087-3, and a c8087-6.

**Thursday, January 1 2009**

Happy New Year!

Added some super boards for the first update of the year! To the right are the following: Two SGI mainframe boards, an NEC 5 way super computer board, and a Sun Microsystems 340-1159 mainframe board. Enjoy!

**Wednesday, December 31 2008**

The new SUPER BOARDS section has been added! Today's update is composed of four super boards: Quad Pentium Pro board, two 6x Intel i860 boards with other various processors, NEC board, and what looks like a Sun Microsystems board.

**Tuesday, December 30 2008**

   Added an Sun Microsystems LSI Logic board, Via C3 700AMHz CPU on motherboard, 40110AGCXJ Memory boad, and a computer-on-a-board with an Intel 386DX-25, along with an Intel 387 co-processor.

Archives Pages added

RareCPUs Database is UP! Click the image below and start viewing, submitting, rating, commenting on photos and more! It's a work in progress, and will take time for all the items to be transitioned from here to there.


**Monday, December 29 2008**

Added the following cool DEC boards up: DEC 5016138-01 BI 3.1,DEC 5016251-01 BI 3.1, DEC VAXBI 3.2 5018182-01,DEC VAXBI 3.2 5018181-01

**Sunday, December 28 2008**

Have some new boards up! Gold Cyrix CPU on original motherboard, an IBM 486 upgrade board, and three super old rare boards with tons of gold on them.

**Saturday, December 27 2008**

Added the following: Two Dual Pentium Pro CPU Boards, Mostek memory board for a computer terminal (MK4008P), AY90870877 HP Board, 401101Y2QJ HP Board, and another memory board.

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**Sunday, October 11 2009**


**Monday, January 19 2009**

Raytheon Military Laptop, codename: Gecko. Notice the contact information, it has a single name, email, and number for tech support, parts and repair!

More photos of the Raytheon Gecko: Left is a dock and power supply plug, right are SCSI, ethernet, and what appears to be some kind of tape drive reader.

Commodore 64, new in box!

Apple Powerbook 150

**Sunday, January 18 2009**

Compaq SLT 386s/20Mhz. Early 80's Compaq Intel 386SX Laptop!

Liberto 70CT laptop with 120MHz Intel Pentium Processor. Boots to windows 95!

Zenith Masterport with 386SX. This laptop is much smaller than the Compaq above.

**Saturday, January 17 2009**

Left and right are photos of a portable Dual Intel Pentium Pro computer. The Raytheon Dolch.

Left, three NEC VR10000's, D30700LRS-200, and D30700LRS-250 processors. Right, NEC VR440MC, D30412RJ-75 processors.

Left, five Raytheon processors, ranging from V31 through V34. Right, LSI Logic LR4000SC/LC-40.

**Thursday-Friday, January 15-16 2009**

Left, never released Cyrix MXi-233MHz Engineering Sample. Right, Intel Pentium Pro 1MB Cache 200MHz Q013 Engineering Sample

Three unreleased Intel Pentium Pro 133MHz Q0815 Engineering Samples.

**Wednesday, January 14 2009**

Left, two NEC D30311R-33 FPUs, Right, two other NEC processors, D9305R, and D65240R.

Left, what looks like an engineering sample Motorola CPU, the XV68030RC16B, and right, IIT 3C87-25 MHz, and IIT 3C87-33 MHz.

Left, found an AMD 186 10MHz board (CPU is originally like that, flipped around to see numbers), Right, a bunch of AM29030's!

**Tuesday, January 13 2009**

Left, dual processor DEC Digital chip, Right, AMD P8088-1 on board

Left, fiber channel board with i960, Right, another DEC Digital chip

**Monday, January 12 2009**

Two DEC boards, left is a DEC XE-1, on the right, another variant of DEC boards to add with an Alpha CPU

Left, XMI-A2 low power processor board, right, HP CPU board with massive heatsink

**Sunday, January 11 2009**

Left is a multi-core DEC Digital processor, Right is a DEC Digital motherboard equipped with memory, and an DEC Alpha CPU.

Left are two similar boards but with different colored PCB and memory, green one has 128MB (in sets of 24MB squares, three on each side), and the orange PCB has 72MB with only one side. Right is another DEC Digital motherboard with an Alpha CPU.

Another set of the same board but with different colored PCB. They are also equipped with DEC Alpha CPUs.

Left, SGI Memory/CPU board, right, SGI CPU board

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