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**Friday, December 26 2008**

Some new items added! Keep checking back, new stuff will be added daily!

**Thursday, December 25 2008**

Early Christmas Update! Taking tomorrow off so I'm updating early. Added another C4004 White on a board, a few Xilinx, an Intel Ford (Yes! Ford Motors) board, and a few others. Happy Holidays!

**Wednesday, December 24th 2008**

Checkout these really cool boards, one of which "prototype" is stamped on all the CPUs! All of these boards, as well as new weird, strange, and yet cool things will be added under this new section.

**Tuesday, December 23rd 2008**

Five New Old Stock Intel C4004 whites added!

**Monday, December 22nd 2008**

Put some old school memory up!
Have a look on the right.

**Tuesday, March 25th 2008**

Added new photos and items to the Mass Quantity section. Check them out!

**Tuesday, March 18th 2008**

The new Online Store has been opened!

**Thursday, October 11th 2007**

Added a few new chips and an Apple II GS limited Signature Edition computer. Intel Itanium II Dual Core Engineering samples, one is 100% mechanical, and the second is loaded with 24MB of cache, 1.6GHz.


**Tuesday, March 20th 2007**

Added a C1702A EPROM with Grey Traces

**Sunday, March 18th 2007**

Two chips added:

Intel C8080A-2

Intel 1601

IDT & Other Engineering Samples

**Wednesday, February 28th 2007**

I've been on vacation, but I'm back with some good stuff. I added a few thousand chips under the new section, "Mass Quantities". More things of the same magnitude will be added this weekend, along with a new section. Thanks!

**Monday, August 14th 2006**

 Check it out, new update includes a ton of rare chips such as the Intel C8080, another Intel C4004 grey to add to my sweet collection and other rare chips that you can easily check on the right column. I also fixed up the preX86 section, some chips were missing that weren't supposed to be missing (Intel C8080B, C1402A ES).


**Thursday, June 15 2006**

 A lot of neat additions came up today (16 items in total),  including an extremely rare and sought after Military Intel M8008, in gold/ceramic packaging, and a new section filled with retail (mostly sealed) in box CPU's/FPUs. A site search box also has been added, but please allow some time for the spiders to catch all the information. Thanks!

NIB Section

Intel M8008

**Thursday, April 20th 2006**

Couple new things added, a complete C8080A board and a complete C8080B board. Don't forget to register for site updates with our new Change Detection notification service! They will automatically send an email after any site updates are made. Thanks for looking.

**Tuesday, April 10th 2006**

Made some updates, added a forum. It's currently a trial version, if I get enough people interested I'll start getting serious. Now go register and start posting! :)

**Tuesday, April 3rd 2006**

Sorry about the lack of attention I've been giving the site, but it's been a rough few months and things have been busy, busy, busy. Now that I'm back on track, I'll start making it up to you by showing these really cool machines/chips, Hope you like them!


**Tuesday, Feb 27th 2006**

Site updated again, more chips added to the database. Some cool new chips on the right such as an Intel 1449 and a 66MHz Intel Pentium with "PROCESSOR".


**Thursday, Feb 23rd 2006**

Updated the site, added a PreX86 Section. Don't forget to check out the Motorola Prototype that JUST came in.


**Saturday, Feb 18th 2006**

Massive site update, many chips added to the database, and a few chips added to my collection today. They will be added to the database sometime tonight, for now check them out on the Pic Column -->


**Friday, Feb 17th 2006**

Some pictures added in the Rare Stuff section. I'd like to call it "Batch 1 out of 12".


**Thursday, Feb 16th 2006**

New Stuff

Just got an AMD K7 Slot A Engineering Sample in the mail, check it out on the picture column. It'll be updated into the system sometime tonight. Enjoy!


*** Wednesday, Feb 15th 2006**


Finally after a few weeks of work, the trouble of getting this baby started is over with. Now all I gotta do is deal with the updates! Feel free to browse around, if you have any questions just gimme a mail.


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**Saturday, January 10 2009**

Left is what looks like a network board with various chips including IBM, and on the right looks like some sort of video/tv board with a composite connection.

Left is some kind of 286 CPU adapter (don't ask, I found a 286 snug inside that casing!), Right is a HEAVILY loaded gold board, 1 of 3. It seems there was some kind of short that burned a section of the board!

Left, 2 of 3, heavily loaded gold board, and right is a close up of the gold dots littered all over the board, photo 3 of 3.

Left and right are photos of a very old hard drive made by Seagate, 85MB, 5.25".

**Friday, January 9 2009**

Left, DEC Digital video card with A80860XR-40, Right, Sun memory board

Left, very old memory board, no make or model, right, DEC Digital memory board with processors.

**Thursday, January 8 2009**

Left, HP A4125-66512 board, Right, bunch of random chips (AMD 2960-IDC, Intel C3210 C, Texas Instruments TI 2403, IDT S35C Engineering Sample, HP 6101, HP 1818, and a few prototypes!

Left, Triple Adapter 80 with three Zilog Z80 CPUs and co-processors, Right, Motorola MC68020RC16B with math co-processor.

Left, Intel D8088 on original motherboard, Right, bunch of Intel/AMD/Siemens/Zlilog/IDT chips. AMD C8085A, Siemens Intel 8086-C and 8086C-2, AMD 9555DC, Zilog Z80 NONSEG, AMD 29030C SUPERSLICE, and  a few other chips.

Left, Siemens 8088-P-2 on original motherboard, Right, bunch of AMD AM2914DM and AM2901DM, AM2901ADC, and more

Left, Intel 386DX on original motherboard, Right, board with a bunch of AM29030DC processors

Left, Intel P8088 on original motherboard, Right, bunch of NEC B450B-1's

**Wednesday, January 7 2009**

Intel C8008, on the right is the datecode

Front and back of 8 Intel C1402A's. Two have ground strap, one of them has a number "5" on the top left corner. 

Motorola 6800 engineering sample, the XC6800B.

Intel P4040 

**Tuesday, January 6 2009**

Left, is the top of a chipless HP A3639 board, right is the back.

Left, is a 5 processor HP server,  right is an HP CA00029 board.

Left is a Raytheon Prototype board (Zoom in to see the prototype chips!), Right is what appears to be an eastern European calculator board.

**Monday January 5 2009**

Left, is a dual Intel i860XR AT&T Card, Right, is an AMD SBC board

Left is a Silicon Graphics IP19 board, Right, is a HardCard40, hard drive-on-board card

Another SGI Processor board, loaded with 13 LSI CPUs!

**Sunday, January 4 2009**

To the left is a DEC Digital board with dual memory boards, to the right is a Silicon Graphics 030-0240-013 processor board

Left, an Intel 386 Motherboard with ULSI co-processor, right, dual CPU NEC board

Graphics processing board of a three piece SBC card

**Saturday, January 3 2009**

Left, Texas Instruments multi-processor board, Right, Motorola processor board

Left, Texas Instruments multi-processor board, Right, SBC Motorola board

Two military Intel C8087/B Processors

**Friday, January 2 2009**

Left, top of DEC 334/335 dual processor chip, right is the bottom

Left, three military Intel 486's (MQ80486DX4100) DX4 100MHz CPUs, right are two Intel Itanium 2 engineering samples

Left, unknown Raytheon Prototype chip, right,  in order from top to bottom: C8087, C8087-3, C8087-3, C8087-6

Left, Intel C1702A Eprom, right, five Intel 287XL processors

**Thursday, January 1 2009**

Left, Sun Microsystems SN 2107 SBC board, right, NEC five way super computer board


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